Caustic Soda

  • Product Specifications

    Chemical Names/Formula - Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda (NaOH)

    NaOH - 98 % by weight (dry) and 50% by weight (liquid)

    Iron (Fe) - 0.0015 max                    Specific Gravity - 1.9

  • Packaging and Distribution

    PowerGen Ltd. supplies Dry Caustic Soda in 50-pound bags that are moisture resistant. These bags are stored on sturdy pallets protected by a shrink-wrapped polyethylene film.

    PowerGen Ltd. owns road trucks and trailers used for transporting liquid caustic soda in bulk. The bulk trailers capacity ranges from 10 - 30 mt. Other parcel sizes available - 5 to 55 gallon drums/ 250 gallons totes.

  • Mixing

    Dissolving of Caustic Soda beads/pellets A short period of mechanical agitation is all that is needed to dissolve this form of caustic soda in water completely. The beads/pellets dissolve twice as fast as flakes.

  • General Applications

    The host of different uses of caustic soda derive mainly from its reactivity as a strong as a strong alkali.

    Caustic soda is used:

    - In detergent and cleaners - for bottle washing, drain pipe cleaners, bleach manufacture, etc.

    - In water treatment - for softening, ph control and regenerating resin beds.

    - In boiler compounds - to remove scale.

    - In paint and varnish removers

    - In food processing plants and dairies - to clean equipment, also for peeling fruits and vegetables.

    - In metal plants - for cleaning metals: for example, sheet in galvanizing plants.

    - In textile plants - as an aid in scouring, bleaching and neutralizing

    - In a variety of plants - making products ranging from glue, gelatin, grease and cosmetics to dry batteries.